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Last fall I had a bout of mild jaundice after a nasty stomach infection. My doctor wanted to first rule out viruses like hepatitis and HIV. While waiting for the lab results, I wondered about all the changes I would have to make if I did have HIV. After some thought, I realized that I […]

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In this stream, I talk about spiritual warfare, the Polish tradition of beating the Jew over Easter, selfie deaths, the latest round of censorship, my potential run for President of the United States, and much more. Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:  Here’s a highlight from a previous stream: Subscribe […]

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Twitter has banned my account for 7 days because I called a tranny a “freak.” Here is the video that accompanied my tweet. Objectively speaking, you can clearly see that the thing doing a strip tease on the mayor of Toronto is indeed a freak. I did not utter a lie. In case you haven't […]

Chase WePay Banned Me After I Announced My USA Tour


One day after I announced my USA tour, I began receiving pushback from our establishment overlords. I was first banned from Instagram, even though my account was set to private. I only used Instagram to share personal pictures, most of which highlighted my beard in various stages of growth. Two days after the ban, Master Zuckerberg gave […]


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Starting in late June, I will tour the entire United States to deliver a new talk. Visit my tour website Roosh Live for full details, where you’ll be able to buy tickets for the first six cities at early-bird pricing (until May 14). You can also reserve tickets for future cities. Here is the tour schedule for […]

Roosh Hour #37: Interview With E. Michael Jones

In this stream, I talk with writer E. Michael Jones about the dangers of casual sex, pornography, the sexual revolution, spiritual warfare, and much more. Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:  Here’s a highlight from a previous stream: Subscribe to my Youtube channel or podcast RSS feed to catch future […]

6 Policies I Would Enact As President Of The United States

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Before I share my proposals for a possible presidential run, which I’m exploring with a team of dedicated advisors, let me get something important out of the way: America is dying. We have neglected the gifts that industrious and moral men of the past have given us, and are now stuck with a clown country […]

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In this stream, I talk about the fake black hole image, how women are unable to take care of themselves, the true meaning behind tattoos, the first ever six-layered clown world event, why evil won’t win, how God gives “friendly” warnings to those who are living wrongly, and much more. Listen to it in podcast […]

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How much time do men spend pursuing casual sex with no hope of deeper intimacy? How many months or years do they waste in countries without building meaningful roots? How much effort do they exhaust with self-help, working out in gyms, or chasing material toys that make only skin-deep differences in their lives? I’ve met […]

I Will Get Your Girlfriend Banned From Social Networking

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Do you have a girlfriend who is addicted to displaying her body on Instagram? Are you tired of thirsty men sliding into her DMs? Well I have the perfect service for you: I will get her permanently banned from the most popular social networking platforms, and she will have no idea it was because of […]

Countries Have Become Like Coworking Spaces

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As the world becomes increasingly globalized and connected, different countries are starting to look the same. This country has the same kebab as that country. This country has the same fashion as that country. This country has the same English speakers who believe in the same things as that country. They are all becoming nothing […]

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In this stream, I talk about how women are being encouraged to cheat, the use of porn as a weapon against men, why women revolt against men who give them power, the Satanic environment of nightclubs, the inability of women to keep on their clothes, and a lot more. Listen to it in podcast format […]